Brake Drum, Front, Front axle, Rear, Rear axle
Brake Drum, Front, Front axle, Rear, Rear axle
ABARTH RITMO, FIAT 126, 127, 127 Panorama, 128, 128 Coupé, 128 Familiare, 147, 147 Panorama, 850, 850 Coupé, 850 Spider, 900 T/E Panorama, 900 T/E Pulmino, CINQUECENTO, DUNA, DUNA Sedan, DUNA Weekend, ELBA, FIORINO, FIORINO Pick up, FIORINO Skåp, MILLE, PANDA, PANDA Van, PENNY VAN, REGATA, REGATA Weekend, RITMO, RITMO Cabriolet, UNO, UNO Skåp, LANCIA A 112, DELTA I, PRISMA, Y10, SEAT 127, 128, 133, 850, FURA, IBIZA I, MALAGA, MARBELLA, MARBELLA Skåp, PANDA, RITMO, RONDA, TERRA, TERRA Skåp, YUGO 311 / 313, 511 / 513, SANA, TEMPO

Brake Drum, Front, Front axle, Rear, Rear axle

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4373614, 4379680, 5974792, 7777842, SE022165201A,

General product information

Are only sold in pairs, NB price per item!To ensure the brake disc/drum fits your car, always check the following before buying:

That the specified diameter of the product agrees with the diameter of the brake disc/drum on your car. If you're not sure, measure the brake disc/drum on the car before ordering.

Make sure the specified number of screw holes agrees with the number of screw holes on your car wheels.


Bore ø (mm)13,6
Drum diameter185,3
Inner br. drum diam. (mm)185,4
Max.skimmed drum measure (mm)186,8
Inner brake drum height (mm)35,7
Rim hole number4
Height (mm)53,3
Centering diameter (mm)59
Number of bores6
Pitch circle ø (mm)98
Fitting positionRear axle
All positioning information is based on the driver's seat in the cockpit.
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