Brake Pad Set, disc brake, Rear
Brake Pad Set, disc brake, Rear

Brake Pad Set, disc brake, Rear

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LEY4-26-43Z, LEY4-26-43ZA,

General product information

New shoes/pads can be run in with the help of a thin coating of abrasives on the surface of the lining. The abrasives help to adapt the structure of the lining to the brake disc.

This is because the brake lining has to reach its maximum brake efficiency as quickly as possible. A screeching noise may be heard as this process is under way that will stop after a few miles.

REMEMBER, run in new brake linings smoothly and calmly so they will adapt to the brake disc/drum as well as possible.Each brake lining kit contains 4 brake linings/pads. Complete kit for changing brake linings/pads front or rear.Complete kit for both right and left sidesWhen purchasing new brake linings/shoes, we recommend that you also
purchase new repair/assembly kits for your vehicle.
This is to ensure full viable functionality during and after assembly of the new brake parts.


Length (mm)110,4
Thickness (mm)15,7
Width (mm)41,1
Brake typeDisc brake
Fitting positionRear
Brake systemSumitomo
Wear warning contactWith acoustic wear warning
All positioning information is based on the driver's seat in the cockpit.
MAZDA MPV II 2.0 08.2000-07.2002
MAZDA MPV II 2.0 09.1999-08.2000
MAZDA MPV II 2.0 DI 07.2002-02.2006
MAZDA MPV II 2.3 07.2002-02.2006
MAZDA MPV II 2.5 V6 09.1999-03.2002
MAZDA MPV II 3.0 i V6 01.2002-12.2006
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