Brake discs

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Brake discs

We are offering a wide selection of high-quality Brake Discs, Brake Rotors & Brake Drums designed to match the characteristics of each vehicle's braking system.

We are working with leading OEM replacement and aftermarket manufacturers to make sure that we only provide brake discs with superior quality that are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications and design. Of course, even the best brake disc will wear out in time, but you can get your hands on premium replacements for low prices right here-guaranteed!

The braking surface is machined to exact OEM specifications to ensure synergy between the friction material and rotor during the run-in period. The brake discs/rotors are available in both solid and ventilated designs. The advantage of ventilated discs are faster cooling resulting in better braking performance compared to a massive disc.

All brake discs are sold in pairs. The listed price is for each. The brake part specification includes info about characteristics such as if the article is solid, ventilated, slotted/drilled, number of bolts, dimensions, fitting braking system referred to (ATE, Bendix or Lucas-Girling), wheel diameter, mounting side etc.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to the brake parts for your car.
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