Brake pads

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Brake pads

Professional drivers everywhere will tell you the most important part of going is stopping. With our replacement brake pads, you can get the stopping power that you need at prices that won't make your heart stop.

We have everything from genuine factory brake pads to high-quality generic brake pads that get your braking system back in tip-top condition. And luckily, with our affordable prices, you can be sure that you're getting the best deal out there-guaranteed!

Over time, brake pads and brake shoes wear down. If you've noticed your brakes getting weak, it may be time to replace some parts. We have a large selection of brake pads and brake shoes. Our brake pads are sold in kits where you change both sides, front or rear. The kits are sold in packages of 4 brake pads/shoes.

Our high-quality brake parts are in addition to being the ECE R-90 approved also developed to match the characteristics of each vehicle's braking system. Please contact us if you have any questions when choosing the brake pads or brake shoes that fits your car.
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