Brake pads GREENSTUFF, Rear
Brake pads GREENSTUFF, Rear

Brake pads GREENSTUFF, Rear

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General product information

EBC Greenstuff pads are designed for premium street driving and better brake effect at loads and speed.
They have a high initial brake effect and give drivers confidence from the first application of the brake pedal.
There is no such thing as a no-dust pad, the very nature of how a brake works
requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying).

EBC Greenstuff pads create less dust, and the dust is more easily washed off than with most other brake pads.
All pads create more dust as they are bedding in, especially if the rotors are worn.

EBC Greenstuff pads have been type-approved on every car they are recommended for,
and they can be considered as perfect replacements for original parts on European cars.
This is known as an R90 European brake safety test. One-hundred percent of EBC's pad offerings are R90 tested and approved.


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Fitting positionRear
All positioning information is based on the driver's seat in the cockpit.
FIAT CROMA 1.8 16V 12.2005-
FIAT CROMA 1.9 D Multijet 06.2005-
FIAT CROMA 1.9 D Multijet 06.2005-12.2011
FIAT CROMA 1.9 D Multijet 06.2005-12.2011
FIAT CROMA 1.9 D Multijet 12.2005-
FIAT CROMA 2.2 16V 06.2005-
FIAT CROMA 2.4 D Multijet 06.2005-
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