Cable Kit, interior heating fan, (engine preheating system)
Cable Kit, interior heating fan, (engine preheating system)
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Cable Kit, interior heating fan, (engine preheating system)

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General product information

There are more products than just the engine heater you need when buying a Calix engine heater if you want to gain maximum function. Below is a list of Calix high-performance engine block heaters that together with the correct cable kit is designed to suit your purposes.

Heater for engine only:

  • Engine heater

  • Cable kit for engine heater

  • Fitting kit for engine heater (only for certain models)

    • If you want heat in the passenger compartment, you will also need:

      • Cable kit for compartment heater

      • Calix Slim line compartment heater

        • The colder it is, the more it pays to use an engine heater. By avoiding cold starts, you can reduce fuel consumption, which in turn leads to reduced carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions and less wear on the engine.

          Calix popular engine and compartment heaters are designed and manufactured in Sweden, developed to withstand extreme temperature differences and come with a two year guarantee.

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