Exhaust system standard

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Exhaust system standard

We have a wide range of exhaust systems and exhaust details. Our standard exhaust systems in cat-back (from catalytic converter and back) is of very high quality and manufactured by the Swedish company Becur. We also have standard pipes, flex pipes, pipe bends and manifolds of high quality to offer.

The cat-back systems usually ships with silencers , tailpipes and midpipe from the catalyst and includes mounting details. On some models, the original rubber or mounting details can be reused thanks to an original good design and quality. For the exact contents, see the listing on each system.

We also have a wide selection of universal flex pipes in various sizes for your car. Our popular manifolds also includes the manifold gasket. Clips, bushings and other mounting details are offered separately. You can find these details under the mounting details in the left menu.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions when changing the exhaust system on your car.
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