Motorolja Leichtlauf Special LL 5W-30, Universal
Motorolja Leichtlauf Special LL 5W-30, Universal

Motorolja Leichtlauf Special LL 5W-30, Universal

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General product information

Modern multi-purpose low-friction motor oil developed according to the latest
technology. Unconventional base oils based on HC synthetic technology were
combined with the most modern additive technology. The low-viscosity and high
sheer stability of the motor oil guarantees optimal cleanliness, reduces frictional loss
in the engine and provides outstanding protection against wear. The results are
savings in fuel and an extended service life for the engine. Tested for turbochargers
and catalytic converters. Especially suited for use in Opel gasoline and diesel engines
until 2010 MY. However, the product is also backwards compatible and can thus be
used in older Opel vehicles which permit a motor oil of this viscosity class. Pay
attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer's instructions for the
use of other vehicle models and types must be observed.
Rapid oil delivery at low temperatures

- Highest lubricant stability
- High shear and ageing stability
- Saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions
- Optimum engine cleanliness
- Tested with catalytic converters and performance-proved with turbochargers
Specifications / Approvals:
ACEA A3-04/ B4-04
BMW Longlife-01
MB-approval 229.3
VW 502 00/505 00
LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles for which the following
specifications are required:
OPEL GM–LL–A025 / GM–LL–B025

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Capacity (litre)1
Oil viscosity classification sae5w-30
Quality/ gradeACEA A3
Quality/ gradeACEA B4
Quality/ gradeAPI CF
Quality/ gradeAPI SL
Quality/ gradeMB-229.1
OilPart synthetic oil
Quality/ gradeVW 501.01
Quality/ gradeVW 505.00
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