Wheel Bearing Kit, Front, Left, Right
Wheel Bearing Kit, Front, Left, Right
FIAT 126, 850, 850 Coupé, 850 Spider, SEAT 133, 600 D

Wheel Bearing Kit, Front, Left, Right

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General product information

When a wheel hub/bearing is about to break, this will often give off a whistling or hissing sound. This noise increases gradually as the wheel bearing approaches total failure.
Proceed as follows to determine the side on which the wheel bearing must be changed:
Try turning the car sharply to the right, for example, if the noise gets considerably louder when you do this, it is the opposite side, the left side, on which the bearing has failed. Try this manoeuvre in the opposite direction.
Read the model year information and the specification information thoroughly before ordering a new wheel hub.All chassis parts that we sell have been examined for optimal fit and function.
The parts are produced to ensure the equivalent or exceed the quality of the original parts from the supplier.
Before you place an order, please check that the part fits your car;
the right quality part for the right car is always a winning formula.


Width 1 (mm)13,0
Diameter 2 (mm)15,0
Width (mm)15,0
Diameter 1 (mm)23,0
Diameter (mm)42,0
Outer diameter (mm)52,0
Fitting positionFront
Fitting positionLeft
Fitting positionRight
All positioning information is based on the driver's seat in the cockpit.
FIAT 126 600 09.1972-06.1977
FIAT 126 650 07.1977-09.1987
FIAT 126 650 07.1981-09.2000
FIAT 126 700 09.1987-06.1996
FIAT 850 0.8 07.1964-10.1972
FIAT 850 0.8 07.1964-10.1972
FIAT 850 0.8 Special 03.1968-10.1972
FIAT 850 Coupé 0.9 Sport 02.1968-10.1972
FIAT 850 Spider 0.8 10.1965-10.1968
FIAT 850 Spider 0.9 Sport 03.1968-12.1972
SEAT 133 0.8 05.1974-11.1979
SEAT 600 D 0.8 09.1963-04.1970
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