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Privacy policy

In order for you to feel safe when you register and log into our website, we have developed strict rules for how we deal with personal data. The ways to use the personal information you provide are carefully controlled by laws and regulations. This means that when you leave your name, social security number, address or similar to make your purchase with us, and to receive offers, we commit to handling this data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. When we, our company group, our partners, suppliers, and similar need this information to provide a service or a product, we use Internet-based encryption technology for communication between us.

We collect and use the information you have provided us to be able to promise what we committed ourselves in contact and agreement with you, among other things, to deliver the goods and services that we offer directly or through partners, and in connection with customer service, billing, administration, quality management, analysis and development, information and marketing. We also use your personal information to avoid problems through for example credit checks.

We know you are concerned that we protect your personal information from being used improperly. We continually improve our systems and are constantly reviewing rules and procedures to protect our systems against hacking, accidental loss or destruction. We handle sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security number and other information according to established procedures.
You can contact us at any time to request information about your personal information each year, and correct inaccurate data. You make the request in writing to us.
The following are the terms of the management of personal information when you register as a customer at

“The Customer understands and agrees that the personal information submitted in connection with the conclusion of the contract or otherwise acquired by will be processed by, of companies in the Skruvat Group and by partners companies of which the Group from time to time cooperates.
 The customer may in writing, signed by the Customer, request, free of charge once a year,to obtain information about how personal data relating to the customer is handled. Customers can also request personal information that is inaccurate, incomplete or not treated in accordance with applicable law corrected, blocked or deleted by contacting
Customer data will be handled to comply with statutory obligation and to the extent necessary for the administration and fulfillment of the contract and / or delivered products and services. The customer also consent to that the collected personal information also may provide a basis for direct marketing, business and product development, marketing and customer analysis conducted by, of companies in the Skruvat Group or by partner companies of which the Group from time to time to work with. By entering into this Agreement, the Customer also consent to receive promotional material and information via e-mail - such as SMS, MMS and email - from, of companies in the Skruvat Group and / or of partner companies which the Group from time to time cooperates. Customer data can thus also be handled by partners to to market their own goods and services. If the Customer does not wish to receive marketing as of above, the Customer shall give written notice of this ".

Dear customer,

We want to inform you that we have shut down our international deliveries at If you have any questions about your existing order please send us an email to

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